This Saturday the Azores Trail Run organizes the Windmills Trail race and it is here on Graciosa Island where we produce our  spirulina.

The event will be disputed by the 130 qualified in the various competitions of the Portuguese Trail Running Association (ATRP), qualified among the more than 3500 athletes who participated, throughout the year, in the events that took place throughout the country.

We have previously supported other Azores Trail Run events and at this, at home, of course we will be attending and helping all participants have an extra dose of energy and an excellent race.

The day before the race, each athlete will have the opportunity to taste one of our wonderful juices and a spirulina power ball, so the 42km will seem little.

And because recovery after exertion is so important we will also be on arrival with healthy snacks that will greatly help replenish minerals and muscle energy.

The Windmills Trail Will Be Memorable┬á­čĄę

Foto from Azores Trail Run Facebook